Open Request for Quotations for Translation Services

February 2021

BCI is soliciting quotations from eligible service providers for as-needed, ad hoc purchases of Arabic-English and English-Arabic Translation Services for documents and other written materials throughout 2021.   As a result of this RFQ, BCI anticipates issuing multiple blanket purchase agreements (BPA) with qualified service providers.  This will allow BCI to issue specific contracts, on an as-needed basis, for the procurement of translation services in 2021. Contracted service providers shall furnish the services described in any contract documents issued by BCI under this BPA.  BCI is only obliged to pay for services ordered through specific contracts and delivered in accordance with the terms/conditions of those contracts.

At this time, the specific workload of assignments is unknown, but BCI anticipates continuous translation needs for a variety of projects throughout the year.  Qualified service providers are invited to register interest for consideration by sending an email to indicating prior translation experience and usual daily/page/word rate.

It should be noted that actual rates paid on specific contracts depend on overall project budgets and costs and may vary from contract to contract.  Service providers with experience in and understanding of democracy/political terminology are encouraged to register their interest.




Open Request for Quotations for Video/Multimedia Production Services

February 2021

BCI is seeking to expand the utilisation of video and multimedia materials for client projects, trainings, and online storytelling. At this time, the specific workload is unknown, but BCI anticipates needing the services of qualified and external digital media and video production firms throughout 2021.  We are, therefore, soliciting quotations from eligible service providers for as needed purchases of video editing and digital media content creation services.

Anticipated needs include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-production/concept development: advise the BCI team on appropriate formats and lengths for multimedia materials and storyboard design.
  • Production: provide talent for voice-over or narration; music selection (licensing existing or original compositions); creation of animated and interactive videos.
  • Video editing and post-production.

Interested firms, particularly those with experienced in producing videos in the Arabic language, are invited to submit their interest in being considered for individual projects as preferred supplier by providing the following information:

  • Profile of the firm, including the year of establishment, the country in which the firm is registered, the names of the firm’s principals, and an overview of the firm’s specialisations or areas of concentration.
  • Short descriptions or links to at least three (3) videos that are interactive and animated.
  • At least two references of past clients.
  • A typical fee structure for various elements of video/multimedia production.

When a project has been identified selected firm(s) may be required to provide a specific project proposal or a quotation for specific tasks.

Interested firms should provide the requested information to